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Canadian Association Self Employed Registered Nurses

CASE RNs Professional Practice

CASE RNs Members lead positive innovative change in health care delivery, built on our pledge to offer nursing services that are;

 Competent, Credible, Consistent and Continuous - 4c's

The “4 C’s Criteria” uniquely identifies the highest quality evidenced based professional practice nursing care standards delivered by our member nurses:

Professional Integrity

To promote principled, forthright and ethical, upholding of the highest nursing professional standards in self employed nursing practices.

Primary Health Care Model of Delivery

Primary Health Care model of health care delivery that utilizes full nursing capabilities of all Registered Nurses.

Adherence Standards

To adhere to the four meta-paradigms of nursing, i.e., People, Health, Environment and Nursing to deliver regulated professional nursing care scope of practice and standards.

Critical Thinking Ability

To apply critical thinking to deliver Primary Health Care to meet or exceed the public community identified health care needs.

Visionary Thinking

To gain new innovative 21st century technology applications to enhance nursing health care to meet clients’ health care needs.

Leadership Education

To deliver education focused on efficient handling of all situations that are competent, credible, and consistent with constantly measured outcome for all self employed nurses delivery of health care.


To continuously use advance nursing services to advocate for health promotion for primary and secondary levels of prevention to protect their clients’ health and well-being.

Highest Quality Professional Practice Nursing Standards

To utilize established health knowledge research and evidence based health care to deliver highest professional standards of nursing care.


To respect and embrace national and international social and cultural differences thus strengthening the opportunities to develop new scope of nursing practice for self employed work opportunities in alliance with other countries.

Focused on All People Health Care Needs


  • Working toward a Sustainable Future Health Care System
  • Focused on All People Health Care Needs Specific to their Community
  • Utilizing Full Nursing Capabilities of all Registered Nurses

Professional Integrity
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Primary Health Care
Model of Delivery
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Highest Quality
Professional Nursing
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Delivery of Care with

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Critical Thinking Ability
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Visionary Innovation
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Leadership Education
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Advocates for
Patients Health
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Health Care System
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Delivers Quality Care to People

 All Levels of Care
Health Care Needs Met
Environment Where You Live
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Nursing Full Capabilities
Diversity of Services